The firm was founded in 1965 by Advocate Shlomo Krinsky, now deceased.  Advocate Ofer Krinsky joined the firm in 1980 and Advocate Itay Krinsky joined the firm in 1990.

The firm has always been located in Tel Aviv.  The first offices were located at 5 Zeitlin Street, then moved to 88 Ibn Gvirol Street and is currently at 10 Carlebach Street.

Since then, the firm has handled many thousands of claims, both small claims as well as large claims, many of which involve millions of Shekels per case.  A conservative estimate of the total value of claims handled by the firm to date approaches hundreds of millions of New Israel Shekels.

Despite the fact that the firm has grown over the years since 1965, it continues to devote personal attention to each client, with the goal of providing the client with a successful resolution of his claim or defense, as if his case were the only one that the firm is handling.